What I Eat

food trip - going to places, eating food, having fun.. almost everytime alone. :-P

this is the story of my adventure with one of my favorite things in the world, food!!

Permalink Shiruko (しるこ) Sweet beans soup in a can!
Just like the Miso soup can in the previous post, you can also get this sweet drink in a very warm can during winter.  But as a person who likes food salty rather than sweet, I still prefer the Miso soup.  
Kept me warm during winter days.. taken last winter 2012
Permalink Almost everything can be bought in a vending machine in Japan.. including this Miso Soup.  Helped me a lot during those cold winter days.  Since it’s in a metal container, the can itself served as an alternative hot pack.
Permalink My first shot of that famous Halloween dessert, the pumpkin pie (not cake, as was corrected by a friend haha thanks by the way).  It was heaven at first, but eventually, the sweetness killed my throat haha.. but I do like it still.. in moderation
Taken Halloween 2011 at a Halloween Party (of course where else!)
Permalink Another one of those unusual convenience store Starbucks drinks!  I loove Chocolate Truffles.  So it was an automatic impulse to just buy this drink, despite not usually buying off-the-shelf coffee drinks.
Kept me warm last February 27 2012
Permalink Red milk tea tapoica drink from famima!

I was craving for a Pearl tapioca drink and unfortunately, this is the closest that I could find :(. Was a bit disappointed though, the tapioca isn’t as big as a pearl tapioca, and not as mochi as the real one.

Taken May 15 2012
Permalink "Steam cake" ?

It’s all air there…

Only in Japan
May 10 2012